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Warehouse 21 Aims For Outreach Programs in 2020


Given changing youth demographics downtown, the current needs of teens on the Southside and a new teen center in the works, the increased financial obligations of a large facility and maintenance costs that became less sustainable, Warehouse 21 has decided to leave its long-time location in the Railyard.

The City is committed to continuing this fruitful partnership as it creates a more cohesive and comprehensive support system for Santa Fe teens. Part of that vision is the new Southside Teen Center at Zona Del Sol, which is currently in the design phase.

The City has partnered with Warehouse 21 since the very beginning. “Thanks to the good work of the people behind Warehouse 21, Santa Fe’s young people have had the benefit of some of the best programs in the country,” said Mayor Webber. “At the heart of Warehouse 21 is that commitment to kids, and that will continue in the future, even as the cost burden is reduced and the location changes. We all agree that there’s more work to be done to help Santa Fe's young people."

For the past 23 years, Warehouse 21’s cutting edge programs in the Railyard included training in the media, performing and visual arts that served more than 25,000 young people ages twelve to twenty-one from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. W21 also has supported hundreds of other budding young artists and community organizations with a home base from which to develop and launch new opportunities serving the community and building new careers.

This organizational transition does not mean the heart of W21’s program energy will go away! Our goal is to offer more unique programs with lower overhead challenges.

In 2020, Board President Maurice Oliver shared: “As STEM rewrites itself to include Arts, hence the term STEAM, arts education is proving itself to be more valuable than ever. Warehouse 21 can support more accessible arts education, technological literacy, and community building through partnerships with local schools and other locations around the city. We already have several options to provide youth programs in Santa Fe”.

If you would like to assist Warehouse 21 in this transition as a volunteer, or, would like to support W21 through a donation, please contact

For other organizational information, contact Naomi: More information will be available in the near future at

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