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Construction of a New Building

The W21 board, staff and Executive Director from 2003- 2008 raised $3.4 million dollars in a “It’s Time” Campaign to build a new facility next to the former warehouse in the Railyard. Funds were from individuals, businesses, Foundations, and state legislative funds. As the City of Santa Fe also funded $1million in the campaign and the parcel was on City land, the City owned the building and W21 leased the facility and the land.


Construction planning and construction began Sept. 10, 2007 with Sarcon Construction Co. who was awarded the lowest bid on the 16,845 sq ft facility with two levels on parcel lot B2, Track 5 on the Railyard. The Project Manager who gave all guidance to the construction was Matt O’Reilly. Matt also assisted in the two new leases for the new facility with SF Railyard Community Corporation and the City.The land lease is through the SFRCC and the building lease is through the City.

We also want to thank Ed Mazria, a local architect and designer for the facility, Alex Dzurec, an architect from Autotroph who finalized construction designs and Sarcon Construction Co who built the building.  Gracias to Matt O'Reilly who was also on the Board of Directors and the Warehouse 21 Board President.

Finally, construction was done and W21 opened its doors to the public in June 2008.


From June 2008-December 31, 2019, a total of eleven years, W21 continued to offer youth specialized programs in the arts and entertainment fields in the new customized art and entertainment center.


In December 2019, W21 moved out of this beloved facility as the City decided it needed to sell it due to being a city asset. Also, due to a higher increase of teens on the Southside, it was a mutual agreement that a focus would be to support that side of Santa Fe due to a new teen center in the making

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