Due to all the confusion and resetting our lives due to the COVID Pandemic and our studio still being closed down, starting in August 2020, W21 began online programming that included:

- Music Production workshops: in August and September 2020.

- Hip Hop classes: In collaboration with W21 alums in a new program called Hip Hop University NM. Workshops were conducted Sept-Oct 2020 and in February 2021. Instructors taught art and drawing, poetry, krump dance, popping dance, break dancing, and cartoon workshops.

- Theater: W21 collaborated and supported the SF Indian School Theater Department on a virtual theater video on the pandemic. 


- Recording: In January and February 2021, we conducted recording sessions with a local teen.


- Story Telling: The COVID KIDS Story Project - Students from the Santa Fe Indian School, (SFIS) and other youth in the surrounding area were invited to submit short stories on ‘Isolation’ and the impact of COVID-19. W21 also supported a virtual history class with students from e-Academy, an alternative school. Students from the also wrote thank you letters to essential workers.