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W21 wants to thank the numerous artists at W21

and the volunteers who made an impact during time of change. 

Facebook Dec 2020 Fundraiser Donors

Erin Armstrong

Matt Bailey

Andrea Fellows Fineberg

John Haze

Vaughn Irving
Danny Kovacs

Eliza Kruger

Cheryl Odom

Emily Renfro

Skip Rapoport

Ana Reinhardt

Chris Riggins
Akira Watts

Jessie Wender

Lance Wilson

Donors and Supporters 2018-2020

During critical years of transition  

Anne Marie Albright

Craig Anderson

Lily Black

Londi Carbajol

Aggie Cardenas

Juan Carlos

City of Santa Fe Children & Youth Commission

Computer Tech

Jason Crawford

Travis Dale

Tencha & Walt Friedenberg

Joe Dean

Ray Gallegos

Robert Gaylor

Brenda Lyle Grey

Margaret Helligman

High Garden Entertainment

Gail Hulslander
Andy Jessop

Mary Keen

Linda Krull

Kim Langbecker

Lili Lopez

Yann Lussiez

Greg Malone

Ali Marin

Marcia Mikulak

Network for Good

NM Arts, Dept of Cultural Affairs

Jane Oakes

Maurice Oliver

Chris Pacheco

Charlie & Ryan Parker

Leslie Pearlman

Talia Pura

Sasha Pyle
Ana Reinhardt

Paul Rainbird

Chris Riggins

Margaret Roberts

Ferdi Serim

Peter Sills

Isaac Scarlott

Sheila Fortune Foundation

David Sloan


Elliot Stern

Stuart Nelson Studio

Naomi Swinton

Tome Trujillo

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