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Warehouse 21

WAREHOUSE 21 starts up as a new non-profit and plans for its future in the Railyard


In 1996, due to organizational changes with the CCA on Old Pecos Trail, Ana Reinhardt, the Executive Director at the time at CCA Warehouse, initiated a non-profit that became Santa Fe Teen Arts Center, Warehouse 21, W21 as a safety net. Ana then became the Executive Director of W21. The CCA Teen Project and W21 in mutual agreement agreed to a spin-off yet with the vision that W21 would carry on the legacy of the popular CCA Warehouse programs. In 1996, both CCA and W21 collaborated on programs until all assets and the Railyard building lease were transferred to W21 in 1997.

The City of SF purchases the 40 acres from the Catellus Corporation in 1996. The planning for the new Railyard began in 1996 through numerous committees and meetings and a final master plan years later. Due to the intense City planning on the new development of the Railyard starting in 1996, the W21 board, staff and Executive Director from 2003-2008 raised $3.4 million dollars in a “It’s Time” Campaign to build a new facility next to the former warehouse in the Railyard. We knew that the former building was to be demolished in the future which was actually down on April 24, 2007. Funds were from individuals, businesses, Foundations, and state legislative funds for the W21 campaign. As the City of Santa Fe also funded $1million in the campaign and the parcel was on City land, the City will own the building and W21 lease the facility and the land.

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