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Temporary Relocation

Trucks On the MOVE & GROOVE

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W21T21MoonShockC21| ||'|";, ___.
| ..._..._______===|=||_|__|..., ]



Cyberspace 21 (C21) (August 2007- June 2008)

Home Away from Home

Effective in August 2007, W21 was truly warehouse-less until a new facility was built. We embraced the super highway, telecommunications & computer email systems

Trailer 21 (T21) (January 2007- August 2007)

1614 Paseo de Peralta, SFNM 87501 (In front of the new building during construction)

Feel the dust, hear the train, check out our rattling mobile office and feel the heart beating at our future new home. T21’s mission was to provide a temporary administrative office and presence on the Railyard due to the termination of the W21 lease on December 31, 2006 and to maintain exposure while continuing to raise funds for the ITS TIME! Capitol Campaign. 

After Shock Printmaking Studio (January 2007 – June 2008)

1235 Siler Rd, SFNM 87505

Experience creative youth artwork in Printmaking and Fashion Design

After Shock Studio was named due to the emotional stress of loosing the W21 facility and a staff, Steve McClure who died in an automobile accident in November 2006.

The Moon (Former Club Luna) (April 2007 – July/August 2007)

A temporary former concert hall via the generosity of Wiv Co

In December 2006, W21 moved out of the old warehouse to make way for this new Arts and Cultural District in the Railyard. Both CCA Warehouse and Warehouse 21 resided there for 14 years!


(The building was demolished in April 2007. It took one hour and 45 minutes turning into a pile of rubble).


In the summer of 2007, W21 relocated to a studio on Silar Rd for programs including Fashion Design and Screen Printing, rented a mobile office trailer where the new construction site for W21 was to maintain visibility and special events such as concerts and workshops were held at the former Club Luna.


From September 2007-June 2008, the new facility was under construction by Sarcon Construction Co led by Project Manager Matt O’Reilly, who was on the W21 Board of Directors.


In June 2008, the organization opened its building to the public.

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