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Demolition 2007

W21 knew the 3,500 sq ft old warehouse building would be a future demise in 2006 when the City purchased the Railyard property. The building would be demolished to make way for a road leading to a city parking lot behind the new building W21 was constructing. The road today is called La Familia.


Many emotions and debates occurred regarding a new facility and several designs were created. The ole warehouse was like a community tree house – youth angst did not want it chopped down!


But by the end of 2006, we knew the stories there would end as demolition neared. First there was remediation of the building. Then, on April 24, 2007, the demolition crew began the process. It took one hour and 45 minutes to see it become a pile of rubble. We all stood and watched in awe.


Ana Reinhardt, the Director collected items from the building within the pile and gave out to alums for several years as gifts.

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