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The STORY PROJECT 2021-2022
funded by the Sheila Fortune Foundation



The RITE (Read, Illustrate, Teach and Experience) Program that was funded by the Sheila Fortune Foundation this past year 2021-2022 was focused on fictional-themed literacy/storytelling, to promote creative thinking, writing, listening and the importance of sharing one’s art.


Warehouse 21 worked with elementary to middle/high school students, a few home school kids who worked with their single parents who are W21 alums, as well as individual students to create stories.  


Over 100 stories were submitted.


We want to thank the following who assisted in these stories.



Sarah S  - SF Prep

Priscilla D  - e-Academy

Kit E - Kearny Elementary

Tara D  - Amy Biehl Elementary

Kim J  - Amy Biehl Elementary

Joan G - Amy Biehl Elementary

Anais W  - Gonzales Elementary

Cassandra S  - Nambe Elementary

Louise Y  - SF Indian School

Cassandra S – Name Elementary



Talia Pura - Outreach

Ana G y Reinhardt - Outreach

Greg Malone – Website


Thank you to all the students ages 8-17 that participated and to the parents who were involved with their kids submitting a story.

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